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Hi, I’m Dayne 32 years old. I’m a Senior Barista in Flyrite. I made this website just to share you about My Creativity in Making Beverage or some other information about lifestyle and trend update about Food. I have been working in Flyrite since 2011, and it’s been 8 years now.

I have two daughters, their names are Lisa and Anna. they are now living in Brisbane with my Lovely wife Betty, While now I’m in Adelaide working as Barista in Flyrite. I also have a passion for music and fashion. I used to have a band it names is Fair And Water Band the genre is RnB. It formed by 3 of my best friends Andi, Leo, Hudson and I. But now I’m just focus on Blogging, so I still can transferring my passion about music and fashion in here. I will update once in two weeks.

Stay tuned:)